Ferrari Driving Experience - North East

Ferrari  Driving Experiences.

Drive a Ferrari California or Ferrari 430 with Driving Sensation.

Based in Maranello and founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929 Ferrari has become one of the most iconic cars, famous for its prancing horse badge. Over the years Ferrari has participated in many classes of Motorsport, but most famously it has competed in Formula One since the World Championship began in 1950 and its drivers are some of the most famous and successful.

Ferrari road cars are some of the most desirable and eye catching cars around.

The Ferrari California and Ferrari 430 which are used by us on our experience days have powerful V8 engines and a top speed of around 190Mph.

Trying to describe what it is like to drive a Ferrari is almost impossible, but luckily you can find out for yourself by taking part in a Ferrari Driving Experience at venues in York, Middlesbrough, Oxford and Stafford.

In Oxford you will drive a Ferrari 360.

Please select a Ferrari experience and venue from the list opposite to find out firsthand what it is like to  drive a Ferrari.