Ariel Atom Driving Experience - York

Ariel Atom Driving experiences.

The Atom is Built in Somerset by the Ariel Motor Company.

It is unusual in that it is exoskeletal (the chassis is clearly visible from the outside)

It has no roof, windows or many other  features normally found on road cars making it one of the most involving,  craziest and fastest cars you can drive.

The suspension is derived from a single seater racing car, tuned by Lotus and is fully adjustable.

The Atom began life as a student project by Coventry University student, Niki Smart and was developed at the University in 1996. It was first shown to the public at the 1996 British International Motorshow  at the NEC in Birmingham.

Our version has a Supercharged 2 litre Honda engine producing 300 Bhp which allows the car to go from 0-60 in just 2.7 seconds! And will reach 100 Mph in only 6.8 seconds!

You can experience this amazing car either as a passenger or driver at Elvington, York.


The Atom really is like nothing else,  it’s stupidly light, shockingly fast and skin-searingly exposed – Top Gear

Life, as a whole, ought to be more like an Ariel Atom – Neil Lyndon, The Telegraph


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