Triple Rally Driving Thrill

The Triple Rally Thrill is for those who would like to develop their Rally driving skills a little further.

 Following an in car briefing from our rally instructor you will complete 3 sessions driving a rally prepared Subaru Impreza on a loose gravel surface.

You will practice hand brake turns and learn to control the car as it slides sideways on the slippery surface.

Using plenty of opposite lock you will navigate your way through our rally stage steadily getting quicker each lap.

Between each driving session you will have a short break to have a chat and think about things before being strapped back into the driving seat and going again!

What fantastic fun!


What you get:

·         Registration

·         In car briefing

·         1st 6 lap driving session

·         Break

·         2nd 6 lap driving session

·         Break

·         3rd 6 lap driving session

·         Collection of personalised certificate.


Our Rally prepared Subaru Imprezas are fitted with a roll cage for maximum safety.

Gift Vouchers are valid for 10 months.

You can finish your experience with a passenger ride driven by a professional driver for an extra £20



Elvington, York from £219.00

Triple Rally Driving Thrill
+ £20.00
£219.00 x