Rally Thrill

Rally Thrill in York.

Have you ever fancied being a rally driver, driving a Subaru Impreza Rally car on a rally stage?

If so this one is for you!

The Rally Thrill experience includes six laps driving a rally prepared Subaru Impreza around a dedicated special concrete/ gravel based loose stage just on the outskirts of York.

The Experience :

We will teach you how to correct understeer and oversteer, to balance the car with the throttle, how to correct the car if you loose control,  as well as mastering the art of sliding the car around the hairpins on the tighter sections of the stage.

Your experience starts with a safety and in-car briefing, to explain the art of Rally car driving, helping to improve your understanding of car control and improve your driving.

You will then drive 6 laps around the rally stage gradually increasing speed as your confidence builds..

What an adrenalin rush!

Following your rally experience you will be presented with a certificate.

Rally cars used include:

Subaru Impreza Rally car.

All cars are Rally prepared vehicles fitted with roll cages.

This actvity will take place on selected weekends at Elvington, York from March to November.

Gift vouchers are valid for 10 months.

Why not complete your experience with a High Speed Rally Passenger lap driven by a professional driver for an extra £20.00

Please call 0191 2514443 to book or click to add to cart..


Elvington, York from £79.00

Rally Thrill
+ £20.00
£79.00 x