Lotus Thrill

Lotus Elise Thrill 

Top Gear on the Lotus Elise "body roll is a feature unknown to this car. Point it at a bend and it goes round. It is one of the most rewarding cars you can buy. In the world. The Galaxy. The Universe."

What happens on the day?

Your experience starts with signing in followed by a safety and techniques briefing which will be given by an experienced race driving instructor.

You will then head to the track with your instructor.

Your instructor will drive you around the track for 2 laps in a saloon car to show you the racing line.

You will then jump into the driving seat and drive 4/5 laps around the track in a Lotus Elise with your instructor sat beside you to give advice and encouragement.

(4 laps at Elvington, 5 laps at Teesside)

You will then be presented with a certificate to remember your day by.

Availability :

Courses are available on selected weekends and weekdays from March to November.

Notes :

Gift vouchers are valid for 10 months.

Restrictions :

You must hold a full driving licence, be less than 6'5" and weigh less than 19 stone.

Why not complete your driving experience with a hot lap driven by a professional driver. You wont beleive how fast you can go. The passenger lap will take place in the car nominated for passenger laps that day. Cars normally used include Lotus Elise or Subaru Impreza.


Teesside/York from £85.00

Lotus Thrill
+ £20.00
£85.00 x