Junior Triple Supercar

Triple Junior Supercar experience. (for 11-17 yr olds)

The young driver will receive a warm welcome in registration before being introduced to their instructor who will make sure they are sitting comfortably and have good visibility before an in-car briefing explaining the controls of the car. 

The young driver will then take the wheel of their first dream supercar for a mind blowing 10 minutes of sheer exhilaration driving a real supercar at our York or Teesside venues, or 6 laps driving in Stafford.

After a short break our instructor will settle the young driver into the second dream car before giving a briefing and setting away for another thrilling 10 minute driving session. (6 laps in Stafford)

For car number 3 the young driver will be feeling more confident and will, by now, be more relaxed and will thoroughly enjoy driving 10 minutes in supercar number 3. (6 laps in Stafford). The smile should be from ear to ear and very prominent on the photographs that will have been taken by our friendly resident photographer.

After collecting a certificate the driver can view the photographs which are available to purchase.

** (Please note the cars used for the Junior drives are fitted with dual controls for maximum safety)

Experience Breakdown:

  • Registration
  • In car briefing
  • Drive first Supercar.
  • Drive second Supercar.
  • Drive third Supercar.
  • Collect certificate.
Drives in York or Middlesbrough will be 10 minutes per car and in Stafford the youngster will drive each car for 6 laps of the track.
Cars to choose from include Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi R8, Porsche, Subaru, Ford Mustang GT, Nissan GT-R (York and Stafford only) Lotus Elise (not in Stafford) and Aston Martin.
Gift vouchers are valid for 10 months.
Drivers should be 4ft 10 ins tall or above and aged between 11-17 years old without a driving license. 

Add a passenger ride?
This is the ideal way to finish your driving experience. Following your drive you will be driven around our track by a professional driver for 1 high speed lap. The ride car on the day is usually the Lotus Elise or the Subaru Impreza Sti. (not in Stafford)

Teesside/York from £239.00

Stafford from £239.00

Junior Triple Supercar
+ £20.00
£239.00 x