First Drive Experience, Oxford

First Drive experience

A great fun way to introduce youngsters to the art of driving, this friendly and relaxed event will help young drivers get a head start in car control from age 10 years on. Only ADI instructors are used for this activity to ensure that the correct information is imparted right from the start.

What you get: The experience is based on 3 pupils sharing a car and instructor for a two hour fun experience. After an introduction to the rudiments of driving it will be into the car where each child will have 2 sessions driving of around 15 minutes each. The driver is assessed individually and the course is tailored to each individual's requirements. When not driving the children will be watching and learning from the next driver to maximise the learning and hopefully to have a laugh along the way. We aim to get each pupil to be able to pull away smoothly, steer correctly and stop safely, subject to capability drivers will also be shown gear changing, using mirrors, positioning the car and even reversing.

Important stuff: Minimum age 10 years, minimum height 4ft 10ins An adult or guardian is required to be in attendance with the child and must be able to sign an indemnity form for the driver.

Voucher valid for 10 months.

Experiences are run from March to November each year.


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First Drive, Oxford
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