First Drive Experience

First Drive experience in York.

Now there is no need to wait until you are 17 to start driving!

Learn to drive in a safe environment with a fully qualified ADI driving instructor in a dual controlled car as used on real driving tests.

Typical cars used include Ford Focus, Renault Clio, and other similar sized cars.

Your First Drive Experience will consist of:-

Welcome and registration.

In car briefing and demonstration by instructor (10-15 mins)

45 minutes driving time.

Debrief and presentation of certificate.

(Please allow 1.5 hours at the venue for the First Drive experience of which aprox. 1 hour will be in car)

Each instructor is a qualified ADI in a dual controlled car.


Whether it’s just for fun or used to prepare for your first driving lesson at 17 the First Drive experience gives young drivers a real head start

Pupils will learn clutch control to pull away, to stop safely, change gear, steer, use of mirrors, and possibly even reverse.



Gift vouchers are valid for 10 months.

The First Drive experience takes place between April and November each year.

Age restrictions:
Drivers must be aged between 11-17 yrs old and a minimum of 4 Feet 10 inches tall to take part in the First Drive experience at York.


Add a passenger ride?

Following your First drive experience why not let your hair down with a passenger lap around our track driven by a professional driver?

The ride car on the day is usually the Lotus Elise or the Subaru Impreza Sti. 


Elvington, York from £89.00

First Drive York 11yrs +
+ £20.00
£89.00 x