Double Supercar and Rally Thrill

Double Supercar and Rally Thrill driving experience.

Ever fancied yourself as a rally driver, doing powerslides on a loose/ gravel rally stage? 

Or have you always wanted to try out your favourite Supercars? 

This experience lets you do both!

Choose any 2 supercars from the following list when you call to book a date:

Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi R8, Porsche 911, Ford Mustang GT, Nissan GT-R, Lotus Elise or Subaru Impreza Sti.

The Experience:

Double Supercar:

The Double Supercar experience begins with a briefing from an experienced racing driver who will explain the best way to drive the Supercars on track.

Then its your turn to drive 4 laps around the track in your 1st choice of supercar.

Following this you will drive 4 laps in your 2nd choice of supercar.

Once you recover from the adrenalin rush its over to the Rally stage to drive a Subaru Impreza Rally car.

Rally Thrill:

We will teach you how to correct understeer and oversteer, to balance the car with the throttle, how to correct the car if you lose control,  as well as mastering powerslides around the hairpins on the tighter sections of the stage.

You will start with a safety and in-car briefing, to explain the art of Rally car driving, helping to improve your understanding of car control to improve your driving.

Your Rally Thrill includes 6 laps driving a Rally prepared Subaru Impreza around the Rally stage to put the theory into practice!

The Cars :

You will drive a Rally prepared Subaru Impreza fitted with a roll cage.

Notes :

Gift vouchers are valid for 10 months.

This actvity will take place on selected weekends at Elvington, York between March and November.

Why not complete your experience with a High Speed Passenger lap driven by a professional driver for an extra £20.00

(usually in Lotus Elise or Subaru Impreza)


Elvington, York from £259.00

Double Supercar and Rally Thrill
+ £20.00
£259.00 x