Double Rally Thrill

A Double Rally Thrill experience allows you to practice the skills of under and over steering, powerslides and correcting the car using the throttle.

Many of our Rally Thrill customers say they wish they could go again and feel that adrenaline rush but with more precision and control of the car as their understanding of this new driving style increases, so this is why we have created the Double Rally Thrill experience, for those of you who really enjoy this unique style of rally driving, allowing you to  see the improvement on your driving skill by having that second chance to ‘have a go’.   

After your in car briefing and first session of six laps driving, you will have a short break to allow for any questions to be asked, helping you hone your driving skills to ensure that you make the most of your next six laps driving session on this Double rally thrill!

The cars we use for this experience are rally prepared Subaru Imprezas fitted with roll cages.


What you get:

  • Registration
  • In car briefing
  • 1st 6 lap driving session
  • Break
  • 2nd 6 lap driving session
  • Collect certificate.


** You can finish off your experience with a passenger ride where a professional rally driver will show off the cars paces before collecting your certificate.


Gift Voucher valid for 10 months


Elvington, York from £149.00

Double Rally Thrill
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