Audi R8 Passenger Ride

Audi R8 passenger ride experience.

The Audi R8 is a hot favourite with our Instructors having a lightweight aluminium body,  four wheel drive and a powerful V8 4.2 litre mid-engine, it goes from 0-60 in just 4.5 seconds and has a top speed of 187mph. 

This car easily rivals its competitors the Ferrari and Lamborghini, with a lot of punch!
The Audi Passenger lap experience allows you as the passenger to feel the G forces which push you into your seat down the straight, and into the corners making sure that this great car stays a favourite choice. 

Firstly your experience will begin with a warm welcome from our sign in team who will register you in, then you will be shown to the pit lane so that you can meet your Instructor who will make sure you have the best seat in the house before taking you for 2 high speed laps at Elvington or 3 laps at Middlesbrough and Oxford.  You will then return to collect your well earned certificate and take a look at the photographs taken of you by our resident photographer which are available to purchase.

Passengers should be 8 years old or above.

Gift vouchers are valid for 10 months.


Oxfordshire from £79.00

Teesside/York from £59.00

Audi R8 Passenger Laps
£59.00 x