Ariel Atom Passenger Ride

If you have been in a supercar you know their presence, power and superb performance! 

But once you have seen the aerodynamic & exoskeleton chassis of the Atom and heard the whine of the 2.0 litre supercharged 300 BHP engine you will definitely have to try it!  If not for a drive, but the awesome, jaw dropping, high speed passenger laps taken at race speeds with one of our highly trained professional drivers..... it will quite literally take your breath away! 

The Atom with its total weight some 500 kilos makes it the fastest car in the pit lane from 0-60 Mph by a long way.  So why not complete your driving experience knowledge and try the fastest car on four wheels and see how it’s really done!

The Ariel Atom Passenger Laps experience will begin with Registration. From here you will be taken across to the Pit lane. You will be provided with a balaclava and measured for a helmet then strapped-in safely by one of our Pitlane Safety Officers and introduced to the driver. 

Your professional driver will then take you for two exhilarating laps at race speeds around Elvington circuit before collection of your certificate.


For your own comfort and safety we recommend a maximum height limit of 6’5” and a maximum weight limit of 19 stone.  Children as young as 11 years old can take part in this experience.

Gift vouchers are valid for selected Saturdays at Elvington, York.


Elvington, York Saturday 20th October from £59.00

Ariel Atom Passenger Ride
£59.00 x